I'm a photographer specializing in Chicago's built environment.

I began photographing all 77 official Chicago Community Areas in 2006, and have amassed an archive of 200,000+ photos of the region. My photos seek to capture both the typical and the extraordinary elements of the architecture and built environment of Chicagoland's diverse communities. I also specialize in available-light interior photography of some of the city's most impressive landmarks.

I routinely license photos and occasionally take on freelance projects. If you see a photo you'd like to use, want to know if I have photos of a specific subject, or are interested in hiring me for a project, please contact me

I also sell prints! Check out my Store to see photos that are currently in production. If you would like to order prints of other photos, contact me - it's usually possible.

I love to tell stories about Chicago history and architecture.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but good writing provides crucial context and background. I'm a seasoned writer with an academic grounding in the social sciences and experience producing and editing content for a range of audiences and purposes.

In my current role with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, I write, edit, and supply photography for a large number of Open House Chicago site descriptions as well as Buildings of Chicago features.

I am also a contributor to Chicago Patterns, a group blog focused on Chicago's built environment. (My posts are here.)

I'm an experienced professional with diverse skills honed over a decade in nonprofit work.

Project management, working with volunteers, event planning, communications and marketing, research and analysis, fundraising, advocacy- I've worn a number of hats, frequently more than one at a time. I enjoy working on challenging projects that require a range of skills.

I'm a quick learner with an exceptional ability to find technological solutions to programmatic challenges. I've built and maintained websites, created and managed databases, and used powerful analytical tools. I'm comfortable with computers, and focused on harnessing them for productive use.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, or check out my most recent resume.